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There is more I can’t share publicly due to non-disclosure agreements. If you are an employer interested in learning more, please reach out and I can provide you with more examples of my work.

Spoiler Alert: my latest work at Schell Games is under NDA


Jido Maps AR: IKEA Bootcamp

Jido is bringing in the next wave of AR where digital content can have a shared and persistent life in the real world. With Jido, IKEA wants to explore how we can bridge the physical and digital retail environment with the goal to enhance the digital customer experience in the physical retail environment.

My role on the project

I communicated daily with an IKEA design team to help build a brand new AR experience for their stores. My work primarily revolved around the user experience for the app. I built the UI structure in Xcode as well as some of the underlying code that controlled the UX throughout the app. I collaborated on design ideas with the Malmo, Sweden team. The project ran about 5 weeks and was a great experience, the final prototype was deployed in over 5 countries at multiple locations.


LEGO BrickHeadz

Mobile LEGO game where in players explore a virtual world in their living world. You can place, edit, and create LEGO pieces from your phone

My role on the project

Take an existing LEGO BrickHeadz development branch and port it over to Google’s new ARCore. I was a one man team tasked with translating all of the game’s AR user interfaces to be in line with the way ARCore works. I got to create new UI/UX for the on boarding process as well as the back end software that enabled the AR interactions with the real world. The dev branch I had available to me also had a number of gameplay, design, and art bugs. All of which I was tasked with fixing. It provided a great opportunity to explore Google’s ARCore and AR UX overall.

Here is a video of the VR version of the game before it was ported to mobile AR


Platform and technologies

Android, Goole ARCore, Unity 3D, C#

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Domino World AR

Domino World AR is the evolution of a classic childhood pastime. Create virtual domino courses quickly and easily in the world around you, using an assort­ment of tiles, props, and toys.

My role on the project

I was tasked with porting Domino World from the Project Tango platform over to both AR Kit and Google ARCore. I built a core framework that enabled Schell Games to build once and deploy to both ARKit and ARCore in the same Unity Project. I added new on boarding UI and UX design to accompany the new platforms. Adding animation and art to the game which explained how to scan and place objects using their phone’s rather than Project Tango’s depth based process.


Platform and technologies

Unity 3D, AR Kit, AR Core, C#, Photoshop


Lighting Study (Schell Games)

This project was a way for Schell Games to flex it’s Art muscles. The scene was created in house by two 3D Environment Artists using Unreal Engine, Maya, and the Substance Suite. The lighting was it’s own project to prepare for an Art pitch deck that was to be sent off to a client.

My role on the project

In my free time, I worked on a few tech demos exploring Unity’s new HD Render Pipeline. The higher ups in art caught wind and tasked me with lighting this example scene created in Unreal Engine. The project was a one week sprint to light and render a scene worthy of AAA consideration. I worked on creating new detail models to accent the scene and provide a more realistic source of light. It was a fun diversion from my “day job“ as a Gameplay Engineer. It was one of the few times I had full work days to flex my environment art skillset.


Platform and technologies

Lighting, Prop Modeling, Texturing, Unreal Engine

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Odyssey by UPMC

In collab­o­ra­tion with UPMC, Schell Games designed and developed Odyssey, a mobile app designed to help UPMC health plan holders to start and stay on a wellness journey toward better health. The app includes a virtual coach that will provide helpful messages and tips for the user every time they check in. The app, co-designed with doctors and health profes­sionals, is designed to help the user view their daily trends, avoid setbacks, and develop healthy habits that last.

My role on the project

Odyssey was my first project at Schell Games. I was part of the engineering team. We worked on creating powerful UI tools for artists and designers to freely build the massive amount of UI and text in the game. We created what we called the “Widget“ system. Art and Design were totally empowered to build and test new screens without the need of an engineer. I built a number of “Widgets“ as well as helped maintain, expand, and debug the entire experience. I worked primarily in C# but, a large amount of my work was integrating with Unity’s UI toolset and expanding on it as the team needed more features.


Platform and technologies

Unity 3D, UI Systems Creation, C#, UI/UX, Mobile Apps


Toaster Pets

Toaster Pets is a mobile companion app built for kids of all ages. The app links to your “pet“ tracking the steps you take and apply them to your pets characteristics. Your job is to take care of your pets by exercising in real life. The game also included dozes of mini-games and activities for you to do that would gain you in game currency and valuables.

My role on the project

I was commissioned as a Unity 3D developer to integrate all of the art assets in engine. I was tasked with building some of the mini games and most of the in game activities. Such as feeding your pets, grooming, and more. The project had me programming gameplay code in C# and developing user interfaces. It was a humble start to my career as I got the gig before graduating school.


Platform and technologies

Unity 3D, UI/UX, C#, Gameplay Programming

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