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I love making something out of nothing, something that will captivate and inspire people.

I started my journey as a developer being captivated by the magic of video games. As a kid I couldn’t wait to get home from a long day of school to play the latest and greatest titles. To jump into a world painstakingly crafted by it’s developers. There was so much time, passion, and love poured into each and every detail. I couldn’t help but ask how it was all created.

I went to school for Video Game Art & Design but, quickly became eager to make my art come alive. Queue my coding adventure 2 years into school. I set out to learn how to make iOS apps which taught me how to use Objective-C and Xcode.

This turned out to be a great and terrible place to start. Objective-C is more convoluted and less user friendly than C# can be. So I struggled to find my footing but, after weeks and months of perseverance the pieces started to fall into place. I launched my first iPhone app, then a second, then a third. I was getting the hang of it.

I always pursue the exciting new horizons of tech. Seeking out new tools and techniques that can push me further as a creative.

Having felt like I conquered iOS app development, I wanted a new challenge. So as I focused on becoming an Environment Artist in school, I started to question what I could do with my new found fearless attitude to programming.

Queue C#. I started to explore how I could integrate the art I was making, into a realtime engine with animations, triggers, UI, etc. I realized quickly, that C# was a breeze when compared to Objective-C. So I powered on and slowly became more interested in seeing what was possible on the tech side.

My passion for learning, teaching, and creating dictates my every move.

I spend most of my time just researching and playing around to see what I can do next. From art, design, and programming. To everything in between. I love making something out of nothing, something that will captivate and inspire people.

I have worked on projects big and small. From physical installations in theme parks all the way to tiny Apple Watch games you can play on your wrist. I love to create no matter the medium.

If you love to create and would like to work together, I’d love to connect and see what we can achieve!


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